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Estonian Human Development Report 2023

Mental Health and Well-Being

The ant’s scramble
is a metaphor for
each of us every day
carefully putting in
the effort to keep
our homes, relation-
ships and communi-
ties in good shape.
And then these en-
vironments will also
take care of us.


President of the
Republic of Estonia

The Estonian Human Development Report is a biennially published collection of articles reflecting and interpreting the current socioeconomic situation in Estonia and possible future developments.

Produced as a collaboration involving acclaimed scientists and experts, the in-depth reports contribute to knowledge-based perspectives and policymaking and help make research accessible to the general public.

The Estonian human development reports follow the model of the international human development index and reports published by the United Nations.

The Estonian human development reports have been issued since 1995. Since 2006, they have been published by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly.

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